Automatic contract registration powered by AI

Designed for companies to neet to get control of their contracts, our solution streamlines your contract registration process, making it more efficient and reliable.
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How it works

Our AI-powered system extracts key data from your uploaded contracts seamlessly.
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Discover the advantages of our AI-driven contract registration feature
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Accurate Data Extraction

Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to ensure accurate extraction of key contract details.

User Friendly Interface

An intuitive interface secures fast onboarding and get you up to speed in minutes.

Secure Data Handling

Robust security protocols to ensure your data is protected at all times. All data is stored in EU.

Scalable Solution

Suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Key Benefits

Save time

Drastically reduce the time spent on manual data entry and free up time for more strategic work.


Automate the tedious process of extracting and registering contract data.


Ensure high-quality, accurate data extraction every time, enhancing your overall data integrity.
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