Helping Businesses
Find, Connect, and Collaborate 

SourceMagnet is a matchmaking service that connects buyers and sellers together!
SourceMagnet gives sourcing and procurement professionals the tools they need to find the best suppliers. Companies can easily join our network to find and identify new deals and potential clients. Together, the buyer and seller sides get a common platform to find, connect, and collaborate. 




Streamline your sourcing processes with our easy-to-use platform. With our matchmaking service, buyers and sellers can easily find and connect with potential buyers and collaborate.  Our user-friendly platform makes collaborating easy – so you can get your business done faster than ever!
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Streamline the Sourcing Process

You can quickly start to realize savings and work more efficiently while saving time and money. SourceMagnet enables you to work more efficiently and save time with our streamlined process. Shortlist suppliers by pre-qualifying your potential suppliers so they are ready when you start your next sourcing event.

Involve stakeholders and key personnel in the transparent operation, so you know where you are at all times. Track your events digitally, let your colleagues see how well you're doing, and make necessary changes.

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Supplier Network

Our shared Supplier Network will give you access and shared insight into all companies registered. You can easily find and filter out companies you would like to invite to your next sourcing event. 



Looking for Potential Buyers?

SourceMagnet is here to help! Our easy-to-use platform lets you connect with potential buyers, post product information, and join sourcing events. Our powerful sourcing tool makes it easy for you to engage with buyers and sell your products.

Join our network today!

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It's time to get control of your procurement activities

Save time

Quick and easy creation of sourcing events. Invite bidders, view and evaluate received bids and select the preferred supplier.

Live monitoring

Live monitoring of bidder status during an ongoing sourcing event, making it easy to follow up with your bidders.

Stay organized

Get control of your sourcing events, and keep track of all ongoing and completed sourcing events across your organization.

Engage stakeholders

Involve and collaborate with key business members by giving them access to your events.