Sustainable procurement has arrived

Use SourceMagnet to kickstart your sustainability effort in the source-to-contract process.

Focus on what matter

Stop searching in the dark

Finding responsible suppliers and becoming a more responsible buyer is hard. With us you get a quick and clear path to improvement in the source-to-contract process.

Find responsible suppliers

Automated information-gathering by sending out questionnaires and requesting certificates, keeping your supplier data up-to-date.

Run sourcing events

Invite suppliers, receive bids and select winners. Get sustainability-tips from our "wizard" along the way, guiding you to make more responsible decisions.

Gather signatures and wrap it up

Get rid of long and paper-infested signing processes by signing your documents directly in our solution.

Single source of truth

All contracts in one place. Receive automatic notifications to stay up-to-date. Never loose control of your contracts again.

Track contract sustainability goals

Contract sustainability goals and requirements brought to life. Create reminders and tasks to ensure follow-ups and audits are being completed.

Monitor and follow up supplier performance

Collaborate with your suppliers and manage risk throughout the contract lifecycle.


Move away from emails

Say goodbye to emails and move into a digital workspace that increases transparency, and helps you speed up and get control of all your sourcing processes.

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Contract Management

Realize the values

Realize the value of all your contracts and get complete control of the contracts throughout the contract lifecycle with our Contract Management solution.

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Sustainable requirements

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