Kjetil Istad
CEO SourceMagnet
April 3, 2023

When addressing sustainable procurement, it is collaboration that drives progress towards achieving environmental and social goals. By promoting collaboration between procurement teams, suppliers, and other stakeholders, organizations create positive impacts and contribute to a sustainable future.

Collaboration forms the basis for building strong partnerships between the procurement team and suppliers. When organizations consciously search for suppliers who share their sustainability goals, they simultaneously send a message and can attract other partners who share their values.

SourceMagnet and Sustainable Development Goal 17

At SourceMagnet, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and are supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Integrating sustainability into our intuitive and effective solution, we aim to revolutionize the way businesses approach procurement. We want procurement professionals to think and act on environmental- and social issues as intuitive as cost saving! Our ultimate goal is to accelerate progress towards a sustainable future, where economic growth goes hand in hand with social inclusion and environmental preservation.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 underscores the significance of partnership and cooperation in achieving the other 16 goals. As a procurement platform, we recognize the vital role that collaboration plays in driving sustainable development. By promoting transparency, ethical practices, and responsible consumption throughout the supply chain, we can create lasting positive impacts for people, the planet, and prosperity.

We simplify the procurement process by empowering procurement professionals to select suppliers that align with their sustainability goals and principles. Our platform serves as a digital hub to collaboration, enabling procurement teams and suppliers to connect, exchange information, and co-create sustainable solutions. We believe the contracting process is the absolutely right place to have this focus. We also support collaboration when problems are discovered in the supply chains and buyers and sellers follow up corrective actions in the same solution. Procurement professionals remeber. They remember the companies that worked with them, especially if the problems that arose where significant.

Benefits of Collaboration and sustainable procurement:

Collaboration between procurement teams and suppliers is crucial for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

Better Risk Management:

  • Collaboration between procurement teams and suppliers helps identify and mitigate risks associated with unsustainable practices. This includes risks related to environmental damage, human rights violations, and reputation damage.

Increased Innovation:

  • Collaboration enables procurement teams and suppliers to co-create sustainable solutions that address environmental and social challenges. This drives innovation and promotes the development of sustainable products and services.

Enhanced Reputation:

  • Working with suppliers who share the same sustainability goals and values can enhance the reputation of both the procurement team and the supplier. This can lead to improved relationships with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Improved Transparency:

  • Through collaboration, procurement teams and suppliers can establish clear lines of communication and improve transparency. This leads to better understanding of environmental and social impacts of supply chains and helps identify areas for improvement.


Collaboration is an indispensable driver of progress in sustainable procurement. Through collaboration, organizations can establish strong partnerships, enhance transparency, manage risks effectively, foster innovation, and bolster their reputation. SourceMagnet is committed to supporting Sustainable Development Goal 17 by providing a platform that facilitates collaboration, enabling procurement teams and suppliers to work hand in hand towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. We believe the contracting process is the absolutely right place to have this focus. If you do not think sustainability when you are prepared to spend money, you will fail to make an impact in your supply chain.