Contract Management

Realize the value of all your contracts

Get control of all your contracts with our contract management tool you can easily register, sign and monitor your contracts throughout the lifecycle.

Contract Management
  • One home for all contracts

    One home
    for all your contracts

  • Get notified about key dates

    Get notified about key dates and activities on the contract

  • Manage and keep track of changes

    and keep track of changes during the entire contract lifecycle

  • Increased transparency

    Increased transparency -  track all communication and contract documents in one system to get a "live" view of the contract.

  • Access control

    Access control enables your to share contracts with the right employees and your counterparty

  • Electronic signature

    Make your business faster, simpler and more cost-efficient with electronic signature embedded into our solution

  • Customize your contract registration forms

    Customize your contract registration forms to ensure that your store all the data that's important for your company

  • Task management

    Keep track of important activities
    by assigning tasks to yourself, colleagues, or your counterparty to follow up and realize the contract value.


Store all your contracts in a single and secure repository

Contract list view

Never miss an important date

Turn on notification on key dates

Delegating tasks to suppliers

Keep track of important tasks and actions needed on the contract to realize it's value.

Tasks can be assigned to your self, colleagues or the supplier.

Set up and configure tasks
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Say goodbye to emails and move into a digital workspace that increases transparency, and helps you speed up and get control of all your sourcing processes.

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