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Say goodbye to emails and move into a digital workspace that increases transparency, and helps you speed up and get control of all your sourcing processes.

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Our sourcing solution gives you control of all your sourcing related actives in one tool.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use - Intuitive and fast creation of new sourcing events

  • Increased transparency

    Increased transparency - track all communication and documents in one system - No more lost emails

  • Live monitoring of Sourcing events

    Live monitoring - Get instant insight into the bidders status and follow the bid process

  • All in one system

    All in one system - Seamlessly create and sign the contract when awarding the sourcing event to a supplier

Four simple steps...

Create event

Quickly create new sourcing events and set your bid deadline

The sourcing creation process in four simple steps
Upload your documents
Upload your documents

Simply upload your request documents with your requirements.

Invite your bidders

Select the bidders you want to find from the list of companies in SourceMagnet or simply invite in new companies by email.

Invite potential suppliers
Review and go live
Review & Go live

Your all set and ready to receive bids from your invited parties.


Finding sustainable suppliers

Setting the right requirements in order to find responsible suppliers that can deliver the products you need is difficult. Our solution will soon be able to suggest requirements you should include when sourcing different products from different regions, so that it's easier for you to find and select sustainable suppliers.

Sustainable requirements
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Contract Management

Realize the value of all your contracts and get complete control of the contracts throughout the contract lifecycle with our Contract Management solution.

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Sustainable requirements
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